Spellbound Destiny

::Author's Notes::

I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters, those belong to Rumiko Takahashi respectfully.

This fan-fic will in the future have sex scenes, so please no readers under the age of 17.

~~Ashley Bloss~~

::Chapter One::

"What?!" A young woman screamed in to her cell phone as she sat up on her couch, her deep brown almost black hair tossing slightly from her sudden movement. Her soft hazel eyes were wide as she listened to the voice speaking through the phone.

"It's supposed to be my day off! It's my birthday too! I can't just... alright, alright I'll be there just give me twenty minutes!" She slammed her phone shut with an aggravated growl before she grabbed her purse from off the coffee table and her scarf from the recliner. She slipped in to her bomber jacket and made sure the scarf covered her nose and mouth really good before she locked up her apartment heading outside. Winter was never a forgiving time when your only mode of transportation was a motorcycle; she just loved the thing too damn much. Making sure her purse was strapped on tight she put her helmet on and got the engine roaring.

"She had better be lucky I get the next three days off or I'd kill her." She kept her mind rolling as she peeled out on to the streets. The roads hadn't been too bad since the ice melted, but there was promise of more snow again later. It didn't take too long for the girl to get to the local Art Museum and she quickly secured her helmet back to her bike before rushing inside, her thoughts repeating that she would be back home soon enough.

There was hardly anyone at the museum today, with the weather like it was she was surprised that anyone was out and about.

"Hey." She was brought from her thoughts by the deep tone of a man's voice who she just so happened to bump right in to.

"I'm very sorry, sir. I wasn't watching where I was going." She looked up to the taller gentleman and had to fight back a blush. He was handsome, no scratch that, drop dead gorgeous! His hair was the most perfect silver color and so elegantly long yet kept nicely in a low pony tail, but it was his eyes. His eyes were an enticing bright gold, a color she only got in her eyes when she was pissed off royally.

"You seem to be in quite a rush, ma'am. Are you that eager to visit the museum?" His voice was just so sexy; she could practically melt by it alone. She mentally shook her head and remembered why she was here.

"Oh no, I work here actually. I got called in on my day off." She put on a gentle smile. "Please excuse me; I need to make sure everything is alright with my boss."

"No need, Aiyuki." An elderly woman walked up and smiled to the two of them. "I see you've met Mr. Taishou."

"Mr. Taishou?" Aiyuki looked over to the man she had ran into.

"Taishou Sesshoumaru, actually. He's the reason I called you on your day off." The lady smiled. "He bought the Museum and is as of now the owner. I wanted to say good bye since I'm retiring and moving someplace a bit warmer during the winter."

"Aileen!" Aiyuki looked to her with a pout having loved the woman since she was hired. Now with her leaving she felt like all the times when she'd moved because of her family moving away from friends, sad and hurt.

"Now, now." Aileen hugged her tight. "I trust you will show Mr. Taishou the ropes. I'll be sure to write you." The elderly woman pulled back from the hug and smiled. "Oh! Before I go I want to give you this." She held out a thick envelope and Aiyuki gently took it. When she opened it her eyes widened.

"Aileen... I can't take this." She was staring at a whole lot of hundreds in one little envelope.

"Nonsense, child." Aileen kissed her forehead. "It's my birthday present to you." Aiyuki felt herself tear up and she embraced the woman tightly making sure not to cry.

"I'll miss you Aileen. Don't you dare forget to write or else."

"Heaven forbid I bring the wrath of Aiyuki down upon myself." Aiyuki chuckled and Aileen handed Sesshoumaru all the keys before she was gone. Aiyuki sighed and tucked the envelope away in her purse.

"Planning to shop for more shoes?" The man spoke up and it was all she could do from letting his baritone voice melt her.

"No. You'll find I'm not like most women Mr. Taishou. I don't spend my money on things like shoes when I've got a few pairs that are still good." She walked over and checked the systems to make sure everything was still in working order.

"Sesshoumaru." She heard him speak and she looked up from the screen with a raised brow in confusion.

"Excuse me?"

"Just Sesshoumaru. My father uses that title, I don't." The way he was talking down at her she didn't know whether to be angry or embarrassed. She chose the first.

"Why did you buy the museum?" It was time to get that out there. The possible reasons had been bugging her since she met him.

"I'm going to sell it." The way he said it so nonchalantly was like he didn't care at all what his words caused her.

"What?! Sell it?!" She could feel her anger build up and there was no way of soothing it.

"Of course."

"You can't just sell it! So much history is in this building! What about all of the historical treasures?!" Aiyuki was fuming.

"Hold an auction for the other museums to get the displays." Sesshoumaru leaned against the desk staring in her eyes. She leaned back not feeling comfortable at all by his proximity.

"How much did you pay for it?"

"I didn't. Aileen was looking for someone to take over and I owed her a favor." He watched as the young woman rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed.

"How much is it worth to you?" She glared again her blood boiling and she knew her eyes were as gold as his by now.

"What?" Sesshoumaru raised a brow.

"How much is the museum worth?" She pulled out the envelope full of money and this time he glared, offended by what she was doing.


"Why not? You obviously don't want it. I do! I care about the museum; I don't want to see it get torn down." She clenched her fist.

"It really means that much to you?" Sesshoumaru raised a brow again, this woman intrigued him greatly. There was something about her, something he could feel was different about this woman and he wanted to dig more and find out what it was.


"Then I won't sell." He smirked. "You're being promoted to Director. Hire who you need."

"Wait... so now I'm working for you?" She was pale, completely confused. One hell of a birthday this was turning out to be.

"Naturally. Enjoy your three days off. I'll see you bright and early Tuesday morning."

"Right." Aiyuki sighed and got out from the desk before she headed for the door to lock up since there was no one there at all. Sesshoumaru followed behind her and they both walked out together. She got on to her bike and was about to start it until she felt a hand on her wrist. She looked to Sesshoumaru with a raised brow.

"Happy Birthday." He said and leaned in kissing her lips. His kiss was firm yet it instantly warmed her from her head to toe. She felt herself lean more in to the kiss only to find him slowly pulling back. She quickly reprimanded herself for acting like that. She barely knew him! He was her boss! What was she thinking?!

"Um... thanks?" She bit her lower lip and got her helmet out. She sat there a moment before she sighed. "Want to go have dinner with me?"

"I'd be delighted." He grinned and helped her from her motorcycle to his car, making sure her bike was secure. "And I'm treating. You don't need to spend that money on me." He had seen her counting the money in the wallet as he got in the driver's seat.

"Oh. A-alright." She blushed; well truthfully she'd been blushing since he'd kiss her. Why would he just randomly do that? She heard the car start up and she buckled herself in before she stared at the window, telling him of the local Italian restaurant. This was definitely turning out to be a strange, strange birthday.