The pain that I have,
I hide deep inside,
The tears that I shed,
Have long since dried.

My heart can hurt no more,
I've bled every drop,
My body feels so sore,
I want this to stop.

I've done all that I can,
I'm no longer where I belong,
I must leave once again,
Find another place that is home.

Perhaps I have become the old,
The unwanted and unloved,
I always feel so cold,
I must go to the above.

So now I say my goodbyes,
No tears shed for me,
My heart filled with lies,
I have become the unseen.

The times were so much fun,
And now they have died,
My soul says to run,
For all the tears I have cried.
This is no longer the place,
That I am meant to stay,
I will pull the mask upon my face,
And hide myself away.

The laughs are but echoes,
The smiles have long since gone,
I have become the shadows,
Ignored by everyone.

So now I am no longer needed,
I have overstayed my welcome,
You do not have to wait,
I will go without a sound.

Always the forgotten,
That is just who I am,
Lost and unwanted,
Do not need to be around.

I will accept my title,
You can let me go,
My being means so little,
I will reap what I have sown.

Once again forgotten,
Forever the broken,
My heart aches with longing,
But I will never be known.

The real me was free,
But now she has crossed,
This is just a shell of me,
Forgotten and now lost.

I guess now is the end,
Of the happiness I once knew,
I can no longer pretend,
I am doing any good for you.

I have been in the way,
One too many times,
You want me to stay,
But I know you say goodbye.

I am alright being forgotten,
It is nothing new to me,
I have lived being unwanted,
The broken I must be.